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As a mean to improve the origami community, I'm starting to raise funds for each tutorial video I make so I can make better and better videos and help other artists.

Go to http://www.patreon.com/tadashimori to become a patron!


The reason is simple: Improve the origami community and help me and other artists.

How will you improve the community?

  • The origami community is really nice, and they usually authorize me to make the tutorial of their creations for free. By raising funds for each video, we can pay the artists some deserved money as acknowledgement for their good works and encourage them to make more cool origamis.
  • Origami competitions with money prizes, so we can encourage new artists to shine!
  • Buy new equipments and improve the channel!

Pledge $2: Thanks for supporting my youtube channel! By pledging $2 you'll get:

  • My promise for never making you watch a second advertisement during the video. Usually, videos with 1 hour tends to have a second advertisement, but I know how annoying it is to have to stop your origami just to click "skip ad".
  • Absolution for those who use Adblock
  • Access to patron only activity feed, where you will know about my future projects.

Pledge $10:

  • Your name will be on the video description as an official supporter of my origami channel!
  • All the pledges above.

Pledge $15:

  • 1 Week early access to my tutorial videos! So you can brag to your friends that you made the origami before them!
  • All the pledges above.

Pledge $25:

  • Your name and youtube channel will be on the video credits as an official supporter of my origami channel!
  • All the pledges above.

Pledge $100:

That's absolutely amazing! Thanks a lot for your huge support and for helping the origami community.
By pledging $100 you will get:
  • One of my origami creations delivered for you every year. It may value millions in the future! I may become the next "origami Monet", but I hope it happens earlier.
  • All the pledges above.

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